Terms & Conditions

1. General

The present conditions of sale detailed below exclusively determine the contractual relations between the entire end customer user of the website www.ribalnet.com, and the company RIBALNET – Sistemas de Informação, Unipessoal Lda, with registered office at Rua de S. Pedro 21 – Valverde 2025- 217 Alcanede, NIF: PT505185776 owner of site.

Only registered users will be able to make purchases on the site and upon acceptance of the conditions described below:

a) The prices available on the website are exclusive to the online store, already include VAT and can be changed without prior notice.

b) Ribalnet is not responsible for any errors in the prices published on the site and for the validity of the technical descriptions of the products, as well as the photographs, since this information comes from our suppliers. We update the information daily in order to ensure that all our products have the correct and updated information, thus minimizing any situations of possible errors that may occur.

 c) The availability indicated in the articles may change due to any problems that may occur during the transport and delivery of the order or due to a momentary shortage of stock, the customer being informed of these changes through the contact details provided in their customer account.

 d) The data collected at the time of customer registration, are intended exclusively for the processing of any order and respective invoice and will never be provided to third parties.

 e) All names, logos and trademarks presented on this site are the property of their respective holders and are used to identify the articles and their specifications or compatibilities.

2. Order Shipment

 a) Orders placed and paied before 4 pm will be shipped the same day.

3. Non-stock Orders / Orders

  a) Pursuant to the provisions of Decree-Law no. 7/2004 of 7 January (as amended by Decree-Law no. 29th of August), Ribalnet reserves the right to unilaterally cancel any orders, whose final price is wrong or outdated or whenever there is a programming error, malfunction of Ribalnet equipment as well as the contractual proposal arrives. wrong to its destination, and the error concerns an essential element of the contract. The customer will be notified of this fact before the payment has been made, however, if the payment has already been made, the customer will be refunded in full.
b) If the items are not in stock in our warehouse as they are items ordered by order, a signal may be requested in order to proceed with the ordering of the item in question from the supplier. The signal will be 30% or higher (if agreed between both parties) and only after confirming the payment of said signal will the agreed delivery time start to count in working days. In case of withdrawal by the customer, the sign will not be returned. If there is a delivery time much longer than agreed, Ribalnet will refund and allow the cancellation of the same order.
c) Orders for Europe and the Rest of the world must be placed via the email ribalnet@ribalnet.com. The transport cost always depends on the weight and the country to which it will be sent, it will be calculated based on the CTT shipping price list. In shipments to countries outside the European Union and depending on the laws of each country, Customs may require payment of taxes to which Ribalnet is unrelated, these will be borne by the customer.
d) Orders shipped by Ribalnet and which for any reason (absence, wrong address, etc.) have not been delivered to the customer, the customer must file a claim within 30 days after shipment, otherwise the order will be considered lost and the customer will not be entitled to any credit relating to the order. In situations of repaired/broken products that the customer does not collect within 3 months after being notified, Ribalnet is not responsible for any loss or misplacement of the same.
e) Any change to the order information, after its submission, must be communicated by email or telephone, provided that the order has not been shipped. If the shipment has already taken place, additional costs may be incurred by the customer.
f) If any product ordered is unavailable, and after having contacted the supplier about the possibility of replacing the missing product, Ribalnet will notify the customer if the delivery period or the price of the article changes, the order will only proceed after consent given by the customer.
g) Ribalnet may offer the customer the supply of a product of equivalent quality and price, if any, and, in this case, the order will only proceed after consent given by the customer.

4. Transport

a) If the customer finds that the packaging of the product is torn, open or in poor condition, he must refuse the order and indicate on the shipping note the reason for the refusal. If the customer accepts the order and it is in poor condition, he must always mention on the delivery note that it was damaged, subject to verification, and if he does not, the customer will be responsible for any damages or shortages.

5. Exchanges, Returns and Refunds

 Exchanges and returns of products sold remotely are governed by Decree-Law nº 24/2014, of 14 February.

All electronic components such as: LCD, flex, Touch screen, lenses, repair components, chips, etc., are exclusive products for specialized retailers. Ribalnet will not accept returns for evident evidence of negligence, incorrect handling or use in bad faith.

Return conditions

 a) The termination of the contract can be requested at the top of the website, option Account / Order History, View Order Details and choose the item to return. In order for the free withdrawal period to be respected, it is sufficient that your communication regarding the exercise of the free withdrawal right is sent to Ribalnet before the end of the withdrawal period.

b) Exchanges/returns of products ordered will only be accepted up to 14 days after the date of receipt of the order, as described in the legislation that regulates this sector. Returned products must be accompanied by the invoice, manuals, accessories and original packaging intact, and any associated offers, as sold and sent to the customer. Otherwise Ribalnet reserves the right not to accept the return.

Notice:  Write the Return number on a piece of paper or a self-adhesive label and visibly stick it on the outside of the package.

 c) The costs of returning the order will always be fully borne by the customer, regardless of their nature or size. If the product to be returned cannot be returned by regular mail, its cost may reach a maximum of €100, depending on the volume and weight of the product to be returned.

 d) In the case of reimbursement, this will always be carried out through bank transfer, and will only be carried out after verification by Ribalnet of the conformity of the condition of the product as well as its packaging, manuals, accessories and warranty seals. Refunds will be processed within a maximum period of 20 days. Returns by mistake/customer dissatisfaction without justification will have an administrative cost of €10 on the amount to be returned.

 e) Returns of products whose guarantee/security seal is torn, cut or violated or products whose consumables are used and their respective packaging open or other conditions that make their resale impossible will not be accepted.

 f) If the product to be returned has an offer, it must also be returned in perfect condition and in its original packaging, otherwise Ribalnet will deduct the value of the product from the amount to be returned to the customer.

 g) Returns will not be accepted for any products specifically ordered, made to measure or customized for the customer.

h) Returns or exchanges of items after use will not be accepted. The customer will be liable for the depreciation of the good, if the manipulation carried out to inspect the nature, characteristics and functioning of this good exceeds the manipulation that is usually allowed in a commercial establishment, in which case it is considered that the good does not meet the conditions for the termination of the contract can be concluded and therefore the return or exchange is not accepted by Ribalnet.

i) Exchanges due to customer dissatisfaction or mistake, will only be accepted if you meet all the conditions for exchange/return. An administrative cost of €10 will be deducted from the amount paid for the item in exchange. The amount can be returned to the customer through a credit note in the customer account so that it can be used in a next order within 30 days.

Note: The deadline for analyzing returns may take 14 working days.
           Return requests may take 48 hours to be confirmed.

Items not accepted for Returns/Exchanges*
 *Without prejudice to the exercise of the recurring rights of consumer goods.

• Large household appliances, large televisions with diagonal screens equal to or greater than 66cm (26”) as long as they have been opened or the security seals have been violated;
• Hardware (fixed computers, laptops, tablets, printers, scanners), External and Peripheral Disks (components), Computer consumables (ink/toners), Consoles provided they have been opened or the security seals violated;
• Cell phones, Smartphones, their batteries and accessories (earphones), GPS and internet cards, Software, CD's, DVD's and games, provided they have been opened or the security seals have been violated;
• Items ordered specifically, by catalogue, made-to-measure or personalized;
• Motor vehicles;
• LCD, flex, Touch screen, lenses, repair components, chips, etc., which are with open packaging and without the protective film;
• Hygiene or personal care items (eg earphones and headphones), regardless of whether they are sealed.

When receiving your order, always check that the box is not crumpled and the products are not damaged, if this happens, you must reject the order immediately and complain on the carrier's transport note.
Ribalnet will not be responsible for orders that are accepted under the conditions described above. You have up to 24 hours after receipt to notify us of any problems with your order.
6. Litigation and Jurisdiction

 On the consumer portal you can find a list of entities for the resolution of possible consumer disputes: www.consumidor.gov.pt
The courts of the district of Rio Maior will be competent, renouncing any other legal jurisdiction.

7. Warranty and Damages

 The warranty of all products sold by Ribalnet is established exclusively by the manufacturer of the same and assumes their correct use in accordance with their rules of use.
 The duration of the guarantee may be unilaterally altered by the manufacturer and may also vary depending on the type of product and its use (eg articles for professional use may have a 1 year guarantee, if the manufacturer so determines, accessories such as batteries and earphones that come with the equipment have a warranty of only 6 months).
All new equipment (mobile phones, tablets, laptops...) is guaranteed for 3 years for home use.
All refurbished or used equipment (mobile phones, tablets, laptops...) is guaranteed for 2 years for domestic use.
All accessories and replacement parts (batteries, earphones...) are guaranteed for 6 months.
a) Not working equipment sent to Ribalnet without prior notice will not be accepted. All requests for technical assistance must be made to the email address ribalnet@ribalnet.com
b) The period for repairing damaged equipment under warranty will be defined by the law in force, except for exceptional situations such as stock outs or others in which they depend exclusively on the manufacturer or the entity designated by him to carry out the repair. Ribalnet will not be responsible for any repair times and the customer should contact the manufacturer/official repair.